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Instant Evaluation: NIR LEDs and Lasers

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Measure Displays as Seen by Your Users


Head-up Displays: 2d, Ar, and Beyond

Radiant Vision Systems

Display Testing
Display Testing

Accurately measure displays to detect, quantify, and correct defects, improving device quality and production yield

Lighting measurement
Lighting Measurement

Evaluate luminance, intensity, flux, CIE chromaticity, contrast, and more to characterize LEDs, backlit panels, and other light sources

Advanced vision
Advanced Vision

Combine automated inspection with the precision of human visual perception to detect subtle surface and assembly defects

What do you need to measure?

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Designed and manufactured at Radiant.
Installed and supported around the globe.

Featured Products

Award-Winning Near-IR Measurement System

Award-Winning Near-IR Measurement System

Radiant's Near-Infrared (NIR) Intensity Lens has been recognized with multiple awards for its innovative application of Fourier optics and high-resolution imaging to measure the complete angular output of near-IR LEDs and lasers in less than a second, enabling production-level quality control of light sources for 3D sensing.

Automotive ADAS - Sensing and Lidar

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Sponsored Webinar: Latest Enhancements for ADAS Sensor Testing and Simulation

Lidar + radar weather forecasting

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3D Sensing from the Farm to the Sky: Lidar Applications Beyond Automobiles

Manufacturing Tomorrow - MicroLED Fabrication

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Progress in MicroLED Fabrication and Quality: Closing the Commercialization Gap

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