Three Decades of Tech History – Radiant's 30th Anniversary

Anne Corning
Radiant Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation

Like many technology success stories, Radiant’s starts with two engineers in California who had a good idea, and started tinkering in their spare time. Founders Ron Rykowski and Steve Wilson first met in the 1970s while working for an optical technology company. 

Sharing an interest in illuminated projector efficiency and uniformity, they developed ray tracing software that ran on the first PC model released by IBM in 1981. From that launch point, a business began to grow. In 1992 they incorporated in Washington State as Radiant Imaging, Inc.

Since then, Radiant has gone through a few different mergers and acquisitions and been known by several different names. We’ve worked alongside companies developing products and technologies that are transforming everyday life such as laptops, smartphones, LEDs, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) devices, and facial recognition. 

To toot our own horn for a moment: Radiant’s innovation and efforts have steadily grown the company to we are today: a leading provider of light and display metrology solutions that integrate cameras, lenses, and software. We hold 14 U.S. patents, have received of multiple industry awards, and our more than 200 employees work from offices and facilities located around the globe.

Lenses composite

Radiant’s products include our ProMetric® I-Series Imaging Colorimeter and FPD Conoscope Lens (far left), AR/VR Lens (second from left), Microscope Lens and ProMetric Y-Series Imaging Photometer (third from left), and NIR Intensity Lens (far right).

Our flagship ProMetric® line of imaging photometers and colorimeters—now with resolutions up to 61 megapixels and speeds as fast as 0.5 seconds per measurement—and our TrueTest™ Software continue to be the inspection solutions of choice for major device makers, automotive companies, and light source manufacturers. 

To learn more about the last three decades of technology and company developments, visit our 30th Anniversary webpage. There you can learn about Radiant’s history and milestones, look back at our various incarnations and logos, and take a peek at Radiant’s facilities across the world.  

Stone and Doug_ great wall_tall

Radiant’s CEO Doug Kreysar (left) and VP of Global Sales Stone Jiang (right) at the Great Wall in 2012, the year we opened our first international office in Shanghai, China.

Additionally, some of our longest-serving employees share their stories and perspectives on their years at Radiant. Read firsthand accounts of:

  • Our experiences at customer sites around the world—from South Africa to Shanghai
  • Back when a critical equipment design spec was “must be able to fit into the elevator”
  • Earthquakes and bear encounters 
  • Employee team sports and cheering on Seattle’s professional teams
  • And more…

A photo album rounds out the site, with pictures of our employees at work and at play over the years. A quick look tells the story—Radiant’s success is as much about its people as its technology. After three decades it’s still good to be a Radianteer!

Happy Anniversary, Radiant!

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