Best in Glow: User-Centric Display Testing at DXOMARK

Article - Best in Glow (DXOMARK Use Case Testing)

Consumers expect their devices to function in all kinds of environments—day, night, indoors, outdoors, on the go... With displays as the primary interface, the expectation is that device screens will offer sufficient brightness, color, and response across all use cases. Objective, scientific measurement of displays provides quantitative performance indicators that allow consumers to make better choices about the devices they select for day-to-day use. Device manufacturers can also use this data to better understand how to optimize device designs and manufacturing processes to ensure their display devices offer top performance in all environments and use cases. Overall, objective display analysis guides the development of new displays that offer higher performance in the future. Read this article to learn how DXOMARK applies scientific measurement to evaluate the objective quality of devices in real user conditions, and calculate each device's DXOMARK score.

Published by Consumer Electronics Test & Development March 2022.

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