Why Radiant? 10 Reasons to Choose Our Imaging Solution for Test & Measurement

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Radiant technologies are thoughtfully engineered to achieve the fastest, simplest, and most accurate measurements of light, color, and surfaces. Imaging colorimeters and photometers leverage scientific-grade image sensors, high resolution, low noise, and factory calibration to ensure consistency of data across R&D to production. Utilizing photopic filters, Radiant cameras acquire absolute luminance and color information to qualify devices against human visual perception. Solutions for testing emerging technology (such as head-up displays, AR/VR, and complex imaging geometries) are developed from combinations of Radiant hardware and software, applying benefits of our core technology to new applications in design and quality control for displays and illuminated components.

Learn some of the reasons why you should consider Radiant for your test and measurement, including:

  • Imaging benefits
  • Camera resolution
  • CIE-matched color measurement
  • Electronic hardware control
  • Unique optical configurations
  • Custom hardware/software solutions for diverse applications
Brochure_Why Radiant

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