DXOMARK Benchmarks Displays Using Real-World Conditions and Scientific Data from ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters

DXOMARK Case Study

Renowned among display makers, consumers, and media for its scientific device benchmarking protocols and quality index—the DXOMARK score—DXOMARK has revolutionized test methods to evaluate device performance under real-world conditions. Learn how DXOMARK incorporates Radiant's ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeter, FPD Conoscope Lens, and TrueTest™ Software into its Display Bench to evaluate displays as they are actually used and experienced by users.

In this Case Study, you will learn about:

  • How Radiant's display test & measurement equipment is built into DXOMARK's fully automated Display Bench to ensure objective, repeatable, and comprehensive testing
  • How DXOMARK accomplishes user-centric display testing with the help of ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeters and built-in tristimulus filters that replicate human visual response
  • How the flexibility of Radiant's systems allows DXOMARK to meet multiple display test needs with a single system
DXOMARK Case Study

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