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How-To Guide: Using Points of Interest to Meet International Headlamp Standards

headlamp beam distribution

Today’s headlights include smart illumination, adaptive systems like matrix LED- or laser-based systems, and other technology that dynamically illuminate roadways while meeting the requirements of national safety regulations. Because they distribute light over a large spatial area, with specific and sometimes changing geometries, headlamps must be tested against several visual criteria to ensure proper illumination at all settings. Additionally, different regions such as the US and the EU have different sets of performance requirements (and therefore different visual testing specifications) for headlamps. 

This How-To Guide demonstrates how to use Radiant's ProMetric® Software with our PM-HL™ headlamp testing module, which is designed specifically for headlamp evaluation. When paired with a ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeter, a complete lighting assembly can be analyzed in a single image using a number of user-defined criteria. PM-HL includes preset POIs that match various international standards.

headlamp beam distribution

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