SIG-400 Source Imaging Goniometer

Presentation - SIG-400 Overview

Optical engineers need reliable solutions for  characterization and modeling of LEDs and other small light sources, to ensure accuracy and efficienct design. The SIG-400 (Source Imaging Goniometer®, Gen. 4) is a fully-automated, computer-controlled goniometric system designed specifically to meet the needs of LED researchers, developers, manufacturers, and users for LED die and device characterization. The SIG-400 uses a ProMetric® I Imaging Colorimeter to generate highly-accurate near-field models of LEDs. This data can be used directly to investigate the performance of the LED, or it can be exported using Radiant Vision Systems ProSource® Software, for use in all major optical design software packages.

In this Presentation, you will learn about:

  • Near-Field vs. Far-Field Light Source Modeling
  • Source Imaging Goniometers and Evaluating the Optimal Equipment
  • SIG-400 Advantages, Applications, and Specifications
Presentation - SIG-400 Overview

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