AWE Online 2020 (Conference Presentation): Replicating Human Vision for Accurate Testing of AR/VR Displays

Presented on May 27, 2020, as part of the virtual conference at AWE Online, Radiant Sales Manager Davis Bowling leads this topic on the design of optical display test systems specifically for evaluating the appearance of AR, VR, and MR (XR) displays as seen by the wearer through device headsets and glasses.

Near-eye displays—like those in augmented, virtual, and mixed reality devices—project virtual objects and information in close proximity to the human eye, sometimes encompassing the user's entire field of view. This proximity not only creates immersive visual experiences, but also enhances defects like poor contrast, nonuniform brightness or color, line and pixel defects, low image clarity, and image positioning issues. To accurately test the quality of displays that are viewed so near to the eye, a display measurement solution should take into account the position, limitations, and characteristics of the human eye within the unique viewing environment of an XR headset.

In this presentation, Davis Bowling from Radiant Vision Systems describes an innovative imaging solution for near-eye display testing that replicates human vision for the most accurate evaluation of the user's visual experience.

Topics include:

  • Challenges of near-eye display measurement
  • Important optical design features that allow imaging systems to replicate human vision within headsets
  • Radiant's AR/VR display measurement system and software analysis capabilities

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