Fractional Pixel Method for Improved Pixel-Level Measurement and Correction (Demura) of High-Resolution Displays

As display resolution and pixel density increase, measuring the characteristics (luminance, chromaticity) of individual display pixels becomes more difficult for current imaging technology. Single-image analysis is important for optimizing efficiency for viable production processes. Imaging systems must continue to accurately measure the increasing number of pixels in a display at once, applying increasingly limited relative imaging resolution. A method of display pixel registration and measurement using fractional image sensor pixels improves the accuracy of pixel-level luminance values obtained in single-image measurements for effective qualification and demura of emissive (OLED, mini/microLED) displays.

Doug Kreysar, CEO at Radiant Vision Systems, leads this webinar introducing Radiant's fractional pixel measurement method, which ensures the effectiveness of image-based display test systems as displays increase in resolution. The webinar includes a description of the method and a study of its accuracy as compared to traditional methods. In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The need for correction in emissive displays (OLED, miniLED, microLED)
  • The impact of display resolution on pixel-level measurement accuracy
  • Traditional "whole pixel" methods for pixel-level display measurement and correction
  • Radiant's fractional pixel measurement method and accuracy study

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