Improving Color Measurement Accuracy for LED, Luminaire, and Display Imaging

Imaging colorimeters excel at inspecting a range of qualities of a light source in a single measurment, thanks to significant spatial resolution that is able to capture and analyze the unifomity of light and color across an entire light source at once.  What's more, Radiant Vision Systems imaging colorimeters are engineered with several custom color calibrations that can be selected by the user to improve measurements of light and color across a range of light sources with differing spectrum inputs.

In this 30 minute webinar, Radiant's Application Engineering team presents practices for improving measurement accuracy of light and color in LEDs, luminaires, and displays in order to ensure optimal device calibration for each unique device under test (DUT). This webinar covers:

  • Introduction to light and color
  • Introduction to imaging colorimetry
  • The need for calibration
  • Custom color calibrations using Radiant imaging colorimeter solutions

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