Novel Method of Prescription Vision Compensation to Measure AR/MR Devices and Smart Glasses

2023 Photonics Optical Metrology Summit

Roughly 65% of people wear prescription lenses of some kind. This requires makers of AR/MR devices to consider the use of customizable optics that match each user’s unique prescription. Quality testing these devices is an additional challenge. An effective display metrology system must compensate for the vast range of vision permutations for near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and/or astigmatism.

One measurement approach relies on mechanical methods such as reverse compensation optics, but these solutions can require multiple moving parts, lenses, foreknowledge of the user’s prescription, and space for hardware. Radiant proposes a novel approach for prescription compensation incorporating diopter (spherical) compensation and precise MTF measurement. This solution is compact and flexible, and compatible with a wider range of AR/MR device form factors without the addition of bulky optics. With this solution, device makers can achieve precise and efficient visual inspection of smart glasses to address the needs of customers with prescription vision.

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