OLED Pixel Measurement & Correction

Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) enable the latest advances in display technology, but because each OLED pixel acts as its own emitter, brightness and color from pixel to pixel is characteristically inconsistent. The level of non-uniformity in OLED displays varies not only from product to product, but even among devices within the same product lot, challenging manufacturers of OLED devices to meet the market’s high expectations for quality at a pace that matches demand.

Automated visual inspection systems like imaging colorimeters offer the optical resolution necessary to measure OLED displays on the pixel and sub-pixel level. With these measurements, pixel-level correction can be performed on low-quality displays to improve the yield of quality devices in-line. This process, referred to as OLED Demura, adjusts the luminance and the chromaticity of each OLED pixel to produce displays with an entirely uniform appearance.

In this webinar, Radiant Optical Software Engineer Alex Podschwit presents solutions for OLED pixel-level measurement and correction and describes a Demura method using high-resolution Radiant colorimeters and software. Topics include:

  • Emerging OLED display technologies
  • Inspection challenges for displays with pixel-level emissions
  • Methods for measuring the highest-resolution displays
  • Applying pixel-level correction to OLED displays using Demura methods

An audience Q&A with the presenter follows the presentation.

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