Product Demo: Radiant’s Complete Solution for Display Testing in AR and VR Headsets

Video - Product Demo: AR/VR Lens

Evaluating the visual quality of displays as viewed through augmented and virtual reality headsets requires testing from the vantage point of the user. Radiant Vision Systems provides a comprehensive hardware/software solution designed to replicate viewing parameters within AR/VR headsets for the most accurate and efficient evaluation of displays and projections. In this video, Jessy Hosken from Radiant demonstrates how a high-resolution ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeter paired with the unique AR/VR Lens and TT-ARVR™ Software enables rapid, automated visual inspection of displays within AR/VR headsets. Using this solution, all visual display characteristics can be tested simultaneously in a single image capturing up to 120° H by 80° V field of view.

In this video, you will learn about:

  • Radiant’s complete solution for in-headset AR/VR display testing
  • TT-ARVR software test suite for visual display inspection based on brightness, color, contrast, MTF, focus uniformity, distortion, field of view, and more
  • Using the unique AR/VR Lens to replicate the size, position, and field of view of the human pupil within headsets and smart glasses
Video - Product Demo: AR/VR Lens

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