Methods for Measuring Small Defects in Curved Displays: Evaluating Approaches and System Specifications

White Papers

Methods for Measuring Small Defects in Automotive Curved Displays

White Papers

Measuring Near-Infrared (NIR) Light Sources for Effective 3D Facial Recognition

White Papers

Quantifying Human Vision: Using Photometry-based Imaging Systems for Cosmetic Surface Inspection

Presentation - FPD Conoscope Lens Introduction

FPD Conoscope Lens: Fast, Accurate View Angle Measurement from Lab to Line

Laser Focus World_AR VR Lens

Optics Replicate Human Vision in AR/VR Display Testing

Infographic - Principles of Light and Color Measurement Poster

Principles of Light & Color Measurement

Product Information

TT-AutomotiveDisplay™ Automotive Display Test Module for TrueTest™ Software

White Papers

Enabling Display Measurement within Augmented & Virtual Reality Headsets

Product Information

Microscope Lens

Product Information

TT-NIRI™ Near-Infrared Test Module for TrueTest™ Software

Global LEDS OLEDS_using colorimeters for display avi

How to Use Imaging Colorimeters for Automated Visual Inspection of Displays in Production


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