How-To Guides

How To Guide: Capturing Measurement Data for Lighting Design

DXOMARK and Radiant - Video

DXOMARK Testimonial - Benchmarking Display Quality Under Real User Conditions with Radiant

Webinar: Novel Solutions for XR Optical Testing

Novel Solutions for XR Optical Testing: Displays, Waveguides, Near-IR, and Beyond

ProMetric I and Y with CIE
How-To Guides

How-To Guide: FAQ About Camera Recalibration

Manufacturing Tomorrow - MicroLED Fabrication

Progress in MicroLED Fabrication and Quality: Closing the Commercialization Gap

Webinar: Characterizing Windshield Effects on Head-Up Displays

Characterizing the Effects of Windshields on Head-Up Displays: New Demands for Visual Inspection

CP Industries - Customer Testimonial

CP Industries Testimonial - Delivering Turnkey Test Systems for HUD Glass Inspection with Radiant

Short Course: Fundamentals of Display Metrology

Short Course: Fundamentals of Display Metrology

headlamp beam distribution
How-To Guides

How-To Guide: Using Points of Interest to Meet International Headlamp Standards


CP Industries Delivers Turnkey Test Systems for Head-Up Display Windshield Glass Using ProMetric® Imaging Photometers and TT-HUD™ Software

Webinar: Measuring LEDs and Lasers for Near-IR Sensing Applications

Measuring LEDs and Lasers for Near-IR Sensing Applications

DXOMARK Case Study

DXOMARK Benchmarks Displays Using Real-World Conditions and Scientific Data from ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters


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