ProMetric I-SC Solution - Imaging Colorimeter and Integrated Spectrometer
ProMetric I-SC Solution - Front
ProMetric I-SC Solution - Fiber Optic Cable
ProMetric I-SC Solution - Internal Tristimulus Filter Wheel
ProMetric I-SC Solution - Imaging Colorimeter and Integrated Spectrometer
ProMetric I-SC Solution - Front
ProMetric I-SC Solution - Fiber Optic Cable
ProMetric I-SC Solution - Internal Tristimulus Filter Wheel

Imaging Colorimeter with Integrated Spectrometer

The ProMetric® I-SC Solution combines the functions of an enhanced ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeter with a high-end spectrometer to provide a single platform for spectral data capture and accurate, repeatable color measurement across devices, testing environments, and over time. 

  • Capture spectral and spatial measurement data simultaneously using a single solution
  • Continuous operation including fully automated data capture and system calibration
  • Repeatable, CIE-matched measurements

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Two Measurement Systems in One

ProMetric I-SC - Tristimulus Imaging Colorimeter

The ProMetric I-SC Solution provides a single platform for measuring spectral data, luminance (cd/m2), and chromaticity (CIE xy and u’v’) to evaluate the appearance of light-emitting devices such as displays, illuminated components, and light sources. The ProMetric I-SC Solution uses a polarization-insensitive mirror to combine the functions of an enhanced tristimulus imaging colorimeter (ProMetric I-series from Radiant) with a high-end spectroradiometer (CAS 140D from Instrument Systems GmbH). This innovative design is based on patented technology developed by Radiant Vision Systems (US Patent No 8482652). Combining two systems into one solution, the ProMetric I-SC enables manufacturers to deploy complete light and color measurement functions with ease and efficiency.

ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeter Advantages

The ProMetric I-SC Solution leverages the advantages of Radiant’s ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeter for light and color measurement. ProMetric I systems offer leading imaging performance for metrology applications and are purpose built for manufacturing inspection to meet speed and accuracy demands from R&D to production. The ProMetric I61 (61-megapixel) Imaging Colorimeter captures a complete device in a single image for fast and precise measurement of all regions of interest—down to areas as small as a display subpixel. The built-in tristimulus color filter wheel of the ProMetric I provides a system response innately close to CIE color-matching functions, with each color channel of the system having near-perfect alignment to each CIE response curve. This allows the system to maintain accuracy even when a device exhibits slight color shifts from the initial calibration point, extending the effectiveness of each system calibration. ProMetric I also optimizes measurement speed, capturing the greatest amount of data with the highest accuracy per data point in less than 2 seconds per full-color measurement. 

ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeter - Innate Spectral Response vs CIE

Illustration of the innate spectral response of the ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeter for each color channel (dotted lines) as compared to the standard CIE color-matching functions (solid lines).

The ProMetric I-SC solution also leverages the optical configurations of the ProMetric I-series imaging colorimeter to enable spectral and spatial measurements within unique contexts. For example, the ProMetric I-SC can be applied with Radiant’s AR/VR Lens to capture measurement data from inside augmented and virtual reality headsets, at the near-eye position. Not only does this configuration enable evaluation of spatial luminance, chromaticity, and defects across the angular field of view, but also places the spectral measurement point inside the headset to capture highly accurate spectral data.

Highly Accurate Spectral Data

ProMetric I-SC - Internal Fiber Optic for Spectrometer

Spectral data can be acquired by the ProMetric I-SC solution by capturing an image of the device under test using the imaging colorimeter and directing light from a center point on the device through the fiber-optic cable to the spectrometer. The spectrometer evaluates individual wavelengths of the light beam (380-780 nm) to provide a highly accurate spectral measurement. This data can be used to determine:

  • Correlated color temperature (CCT)
  • Color rendering index (CRI)
  • Spectral distribution
  • Spectral bandwidth (i.e., at full-width half-maximum (FWHM))
  • Peak wavelength
  • Dominant wavelength

Spectral values are measured from a center point within the measurement image captured by the integrated imaging colorimeter. Within the context of an image, the exact coordinates of the spectral measurement can be known and applied for extremely accurate positioning of this point relative to the device under test. The spatial position of the spectral measurement point is output in x,y coordinates as well as angular degrees, for example for measuring within AR/VR headsets. The measurement point and field of view of the connected spectrometer are also shown on the measurement image in software as a graphical element (circle or rectangle) for quick contextual visualization.

Spectral data can be used to characterize device output, monitor changes in emission spectra, and evaluate devices against defined tolerances. Spectral data can also be stored, exported, or used as a reference to calibrate the connected imaging colorimeter’s response according to CIE color-matching functions for new devices and device states (i.e., a different-colored display or backlit component).

ProMetric I-SC Software - Location of Spectral Measurement Point, FOV

Field of view of the integrated spectrometer shown as a circle in the center of the measurement image in software, located at a specified x,y measurement point.

Engineered to Maximize Capability and Utility

Some applications require the capabilities of both a spectrometer and an imaging system for device qualification—the spectrometer providing highly accurate values of correlated color temperature (CCT), color rendering index (CRI), etc.; the imaging system providing precise luminance (cd/m2), chromaticity (CIE xy or u’v’), and visual inspection for all points across an image. If imaging systems and spectrometers are applied separately, manufacturers must source and purchase both systems and can only apply one system at a time for measurement, requiring multiple stations or processes. In these cases, manual setup and data transfer can cause significant downtime or introduce errors at any stage.

With the ProMetric I-SC, Radiant offers the advantage of both systems’ capabilities in one solution, eliminating the burden of purchasing multiple systems or learning separate platforms. Direct integration also enables system functionality without manual intervention. Measure spectral and spatial data at the exact same point on a source, monitor output, and directly apply color calibrations, without moving equipment. 

ProMetric I-SC with AR/VR Lens

Combining system capabilities in the ProMetric I-SC also maximizes capability of the solution as a whole. Through the context of measurement images, users can define and view the precise location of the spectrometer’s spectral measurement point (not possible when using a spectrometer separate from an imaging system). Similarly, because the spectrometer uses the imaging colorimeter’s optics, it can acquire spectral data in any area visible to the imager from the same relative position and angle. 

Intuitive Software Interface and Data Visualization

The ProMetric I-SC Solution works with Radiant’s TrueTest™ Software and application-specific software modules for automated visual inspection, measurement, equipment control, and communications. TrueTest offers the comprehensive range of Radiant’s display measurement capability and the ability to sequence tests for rapid, automated evaluation of all relevant display characteristics in a matter of seconds. From TrueTest, users can initiate a calibration of the ProMetric I-SC and set calibration operations to run automatically. The TrueTest interface includes a unique view to visualize spectral data captured by the connected spectrometer and compare or output data points.

ProMetric I-SC - TrueTest Spectral Data Window

The spectral data window in TrueTest Software shows the CIE 1931 chromaticity coordinates and spectral plot for data captured by the ProMetric I-SC Solution’s integrated spectrometer. The above image plots the spectral data measured at the center of a white OLED display.

ProMetric I-SC Solution Key Features and Highlights:

  • Combination imaging colorimeter/spectrometer for fast and accurate color measurement
  • Spectral measurement capability, data visualization, and output
  • CIE-matched color filters for measuring luminance and chromaticity values precisely correlated with human visual perception
  • On-demand or automatic calibration based on user-defined settings in software
  • High-speed measurement and communications to support manufacturing demands
  • Integrated with an enhanced ProMetric I61 Imaging Colorimeter (61-megapixel resolution)
  • Compatible with Radiant’s AR/VR Lens and XRE Lens for in-headset calibration and measurement
  • Compatible with Radiant's FPD Conoscope Lens for high-resolution angular measurement
  • Seamless operation with TrueTest software packages
  • Easy-to-use interface for visualizing, applying, and exporting spectral and colorimetric measurement data

Spectrometer Specifications

Parameter Spectroradiometer
Luminance Minimum 0.02 cd/m2
Luminance Maximum (using ND3 filter) 1,000,000 cd/m2
Spectroradiometer Absolute Accuracy Color Coordinates (x,y) ± 0.0015 for CIE standard illuminant A
Short-term Repeatability ± 0.1% (2 sigma)
Minimum Measurement Time 200 ms
Measurement Spot Size Corresponding to ~600 I61 imaging colorimeter sensor pixels (in diameter)
Communication Interface Ethernet 100/1000
Power Supply Wide-range input 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D) 144 mm x 341 mm x 359 mm
Weight 9 kg
Operating Temperature 15 - 35° C
Operating Humidity Relative humidity 0 - 70 % max., non-condensing

Imaging System Specifications

Parameter ProMetric I61-SC
Primary Application Uniformity Testing, R&D Settings, Production Line Testing, Display Testing, Color Correction
Sensor Pixel Resolution 9568 x 6380
Sensor Megapixels 61.0
Sensor Type CMOS
System Dynamic Range
(single exposure, per pixel)
76 dB (1 x 1 binning)
Luminance (Minimum)*

0.0005 cd/m2 Limit of Detection
0.0010 cd/m2 @ SNR = 60
0.0015 cd/m2 @ SNR = 100

Luminance (Maximum) 1010 cd/m2 with optional ND filters
Imaging Colorimeter Accuracy** Illuminance ± 3%; Luminance (Y) ± 3%; Color Coordinates (x,y) ± 0.003
Short-term Repeatability* Illuminance ± 0.02%; Luminance (Y) ± 0.02%; Color Coordinates (x,y) ± 0.00005
Lens Type Electronically controlled focus and aperture
Focal Distances Available 50, 100 mm
Field of View
(Full Angle, H x V degrees)
50 mm 40° x 28°
100 mm macro 20° x 14°
Minimum Measurement Time*** 0.6 sec - photopic
1.8 sec - color
Spatial Measurement Capabilities Luminance, Radiance, Illuminance, Irradiance, Luminous Intensity, Radiant Intensity, CIE Chromaticity Coordinates, L*a*b* Color Scale, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), Dominant Wavelength
Units foot-lambert, cd/m2, nit, W/sr/m2, foot-candles, lux, lux-s, W/m2, W-s/m2, candela, W/sr, CIE (x, y) and (u’, v’), Kelvin (CCT)
Communication Interface 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GigE)
Power 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 140 Watts
LCD Touch Panel Resolution: 800 x 600; Diagonal: 125 mm
Dimensions (H x W x D) 238 mm x 181 mm x 230 mm
Weight 4.6 kg
Operating Temperature 5 - 35° C
Operating Humidity 20 - 70% non-condensing

*     Based on a virtual detector size of 100 x 100 pixels.

**   Based on illuminant A or user calibration for specific spectra. Based on a virtual detector size of 100 x 100 pixels and a minimum exposure time of 10ms.

*** For 100 cd/m2, using Ethernet.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

System Specifications:

  • Intel® Core™ i7-8086 CPU @ 4.00 GHz and 8 cores
  • 32 GB installed RAM

System Requirements:

  • Windows® 10, 64 bit
  • Ethernet 100/1000
  • Desktop: PCI-E x8 lane slot (I61-SC)
  • Laptop: Thunderbolt 3 Port (I61-SC)

Typical Applications

Radiant’s ProMetric I-SC Solution provides a single system for highly accurate, repeatable measurement for evaluation of light-emitting devices in R&D or production operations. The solution combines the benefits of automation with the sensitivity of human visual perception to address a range of applications:

  • Display testing: Measures luminance, chromaticity, and other visual properties of smart devices, monitors and laptops, televisions, augmented & virtual reality headsets, automotive panels, head-up displays, cockpit displays, medical screens, LED video screens, and more.
  • Augmented & virtual reality inspection: Leverages specially designed camera optics to capture spectral data inside AR/VR headsets and run immediate, calibrated measurements from the pupil position without system repositioning.
  • Light source characterization: Captures data for evaluation and modeling of lamps, luminaires, LEDs, and LED products.

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